Privacy policy

Политика конфиденциальности (русская версия)

LLC «Infotoria» (hereinafter referred to as the «Infotoria») respects the rights of users (hereinafter referred to as the «Users» or «You») for non-disclosure of personal information and fully assumes the obligation to preserve personal data transferred to the company. The Infotoria Company is confident that Users (including registered ones) of its products and services have the full right to know about the policy and methods of processing the information received by it during the accessing and using its «Infotoria» Application (hereinafter referred to as the Application), and also during the use Services (the definition of which can be found in the License Agreement with the Infotoria Company (hereinafter — the LAN).


Please read the following information carefully:

By using the services, by accessing the Application, providing information through the specified Application, by registering an account / profile in the application, you agree with the rules described in the Confidentiality Policy, including those related to the collection and processing of your personal data (as indicated below) (hereinafter — the Confidentiality Policy).

Data collection

The company can collect anonymous non-personal information (hereinafter — Non-Personal Information) provided by Users. Non-personal information refers to any unconcealed information that becomes available to the Infotoria company during the direct use of the Application. Non-personal information may contain, among other things, data on the identification of the User’s browser, as well as the operating system, the order of visiting the web pages by the User, the time and date of connection of the User, etc. This information is collected for statistics and is used to improve the quality of the Services provided by the company, as well as to improve the interface of the Application.

The Company may collect Personal Information (Personal Data) voluntarily and knowingly provided by Users during the creation of the Account / Profile through the Application or other registration in order to receive the Services. «Personal information» means personal data such as last name, first name, mobile phone number and e-mail address. In addition, in order to provide services more efficiently, the company collects information about your location using a GPS-navigator, beacon-devices that can be identified and transferred to service providers.

For the avoidance of misunderstandings, any non-personal information relating to or associated with Personal Information will be treated as a Personal Information as long as such link or relation exists.

Data usage

The company can use the Personal Information to:

1) provide Services;

2) send messages to Users regarding Services (for example, the status of their order readiness);

3) provide users with support;

4) send advertising materials to the target audience and report on preferential offers (hereinafter referred to as «Promotional Materials»);

5) to identify the User upon receipt of the order;

Disclosure of information

The Infotaria Company take responsibility not to disclose Personal Information received from third parties.

Despite this, it may disclose such information in the following cases:

1. to comply with the requirements of applicable law, regulation, litigation, judicial summons or government requirements;

2. to ensure compliance with this Confidentiality Policy or LA, including investigation of potential violations of these regulations;

3. to detect, prevent or resolve issues related to fraud, security or technical aspects;

4. to respond to requests from Users for support;

5. to respond to claims that a particular content infringes the rights of third parties;

6. to respond to claims that contact information of a third party (for example, name, phone, etc.) has been published or transmitted without its consent or as an insult;

7. to protect the rights, property, safety of the company, its users or the general public;

8. If the management system changes in the company, including mergers, acquisitions or buying of all the property of the company or a significant part of it;

9. According to your prior clearly expressed permission.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the company may transfer and disclose non-personal information to third parties at its own judgment.

Change of personal information

Users can access their Account / their profile and make changes in the Personal Information Box. All changes are made by the User in their personal account without any additional notification to the Infotoria Company. User has the right to modify, supplement and delete Personal Information.


To ensure and maintain the security of the User’s Personal Information, industry standard technologies and methods are applied. They guarantee the security of User data and prevent their unauthorized use. Among other ways, the user’s Personal Information is protected:

— phone number, name and surname of the client at the operating level of the mobile phone;

— the data necessary for making payments are stored and processed using cryptographic protection

— data of User’s orders are stored on a remote server and protected by standard tools of a hosting provider;

Despite this, companies can not guarantee absolute data protection. Users should keep a secret about their account / profile number and other information.

Changes in the Policy

The provisions of the Confidentiality Policy are an integral part of the Application and any information posted therein and can not be considered separately from the License Agreement.

The company reserves the right to change the Confidentiality Policy at any time. In case of significant changes, the company may notify the Users about this. Changes to this Confidentiality Policy come into effect from the moment of publication. Continuing to use the Application after the date of the release of the new version of the Confidentiality Policy, you agree to the changes made and compliance with the rules based on such changes.